Thursday, March 31, 2011

My short profile

Hay, I am Peter John Meyer,

This is a blog about myself. First I want to say I am glad to meet you here.

In my blog title you found my Spanish name. But I am from Europe, born in Holland (Amsterdam) at March 2 in 1954. My original dutch name is: Pieter Meijer. I choose to use the name John (Juan) too, for I love this disciple of Jesus Christ as much as I can.

Lived from November 1999 for almost 9 years in Spain. In November 2008 I went to Colombia (South America). And February 28, 2012 for several reasons I moved back to Spain. Later at the end of May 2012, I moved to The Netherlands. And still I am there, since 23 January 2016 happily married with my love Marriane.

I am an organizer, teacher, technician and a writer. Also I am a missionary, the founder and visionary of Christian Care Hands and Pearls of Hope Association.

December 2015 I started my own company: Meijer Business International, in which I organize exclusive travels, give Spanish lessons and manage a merchandise branch.
As teacher; sunday school teacher for more then 30 years. In Colombia I taught more then 30 kids and 6 student-groups.

I am a Christian since my youth, and love to serve my Lord Jesus Christ to help the poor and the orphans. Our newest project: Christian Care Hands. Yes you read it good: Our, for it's the Lords work and I am the tools. With this new job God has complete my desire and dream to do God's work in the mission fields.

I love music; for I play some instruments as keyboard, synthesizer, organ and sometimes the piano.